Israeli exports to Arab states up by 68%

Israeli exports to Arab states reached $85 million in the first half of 2004 , up 68%, compared with the corresponding period last year, official Israeli data indicated.

Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute said the growth in exports to Arab countries was due mostly to increased exports to Jordan and Egypt and of course the opening of the Iraqi market.

The figures did not include $6 million in indirect exports to Arab countries through third parties, as part of joint projects between Israeli and Arab companies.

Shame on you Arabs, shame on you!

[Via: Al Bawaba]

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  1. Salam,
    the worst people in any community is Almunafeqeen,I think the Holy Quran was harsh on Munafeqeen just as much as kuffar and maybe more!! the fifth column people who cares about nothing but serving there interest even if the cost is gonna be strenghthenning the economy of the enemies and giving them the chance to enter our closed really makes me mad when I know that the wall they are building got it’s material from the Arab world imported by Palestinians!!
    take care

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