Falafel King

Falafel is an extremely popular meal in the Middle East, and actually one of the things I’m planning to eat when I’m in Jordan after a couple of days.

Anyway, this free flash game challenges you to become the Falafel King.

In the game, you are the person making the sandwiches and you have to be quick about it as the people in front of you multiply with different orders.
You’ll also have to deal with the angry customers and the flies 😛

A really nice and fun flash game.

[Via: Saudi Jeans]

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2 thoughts on “Falafel King”

  1. WOW! THAT’S GREAT 😀 Great game, and you know what, Falafel is one of the things I really ADORE and miss like hell. Can’t wait to enjoy their taste again 🙂

  2. mmmmm I enjoy the taste of Falafel everytime I go shopping, especially falafel kebab & BBQ sauce, its heaven on earth yummmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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