Dimona: The Threat

Dimona, the Israeli nuclear reactor located in the Negev desert is a terror haunting Jordan and Israel’s other neighbouring countries.

The Israelis are aware of the possibility of a meltdown in the Dimona reactor. A meltdown that would affect an area reaching Cyprus and the entire neighboring region. Studies have shown that radioactive substances are leaking from the Dimona reactor, perhaps explaining why rates of cancer have increased among nearby populations, like Tafila City in South Jordan.

What make these concerns pressing are satellite images of the Dimona reactor, which show that its walls have cracks which will cut its age by half.
By continuing to maintain and operate Dimona reactor, Israel is committing a crime against humanity that will be added to the atrocities it perpetrated along its history.

In fact, Israel is least threatened by Dimona, having its population living in the north far from the reactor. 95% of the wind direction in Palestine is northwesterly, away from the Israeli localities, but towards Jordan and Palestine.

As for the waste products resulting from nuclear enrichment operations in Dimona reactor, it’s buried in areas near the Palestinian Authority controlled territories, as well as Jordanian and Egyptian ones, especially in those areas where the flow of aquifer water and direction of the wind is not in Israel’s favor.

Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli nuclear scientist and whistle-blower, said in an interview last week in the London-based Al Wassat weekly magazine that Jordan should test residents in areas across the border from Dimona to be sure they have not already been exposed to radiation.

The Israeli nuclear scientist told the magazine, which is published by Al Hayat newspaper, that Dimona’s “chimneys do not operate unless wind blows in the direction of Jordan.”

Jordan, he said, must distribute anti-radiation pills to its citizens, like Israel promised to do for residents living near its two nuclear reactors in Dimona and Arad.

Anyway, the Jordanian government says that “The kingdom is free of radiation”, although numbers continue to show a high incidence of cancer especially in the southern areas close to Israel.

Numbers show that for every 100,000 people in Jordan, there are 126 males and 117 females afflicted with cancer.

It seems human life doesn’t mean much anymore these days.


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