Delta Goodrem: Innocent Eyes

I heard about Delta Goodrem quite a long time ago as I’m really interested in the Australian music scene.
But other than her single “Born To Try”, I didn’t really get to hear much of stuff.

Anyway, I changed that this weekend by buying her album “Innocent Eyes”.
It’s always a risk when you buy an album and all you’ve heard is one single off it. But here’s a rule I have, if it’s someone from Australia, Ireland or Sweden, just go on and buy the album, it’ll be great for sure.

And well, my rule worked again 🙂
The album is one of the greatest I’ve heard lately.
This girl is truly talented, her voice is amazing and the songs she has chosen for her debut album are beautiful both lyrics-wise and music-wise.

My favourite songs after the first hear are: “Innocent Eyes”, “Not Me, Not I” and “Throw It Away”.

I truly recommend this cd to anyone who enjoys really good music.

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