Anybody but Bush or Kerry

Ahmed Amr has this to say on the upcoming elections and the Muslim American votes:

“…why bother kicking Bush and his neocons out of office only to see them replaced by Kerry and his neo-branded neocons. Why should any American put up with the disgraceful sight of Kerry licking Ariel Sharon’s boots?


Over night, in the wake of the terror attacks of 9/11, I saw my status as an American reduced from first class citizenship to a second-class national of suspect origins…


Ask yourself a few simple questions. Does your government consider you less of an American than you were four years ago? Did you personally do anything to deserve a demotion to second class citizenship? Did the Democrats stand up for you when your civil rights were assaulted? Did Kerry or Edwards utter a word in your defense?


So, this November, vote your dreams, not your fears. Vote for the land you want your children to inherit and against political parties that cast you aside. Vote for Ralph Nader…”

Ahmed Amr

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