Tunisian Weddings

It’s summertime in Tunisia, the season of the sea, beaches, parties, clubs, coffee shops but most importantly weddings.
Yep, there’s certainly a lot of love in the air this time of the year.

As soon as the summer starts, invitations start floating around the country, and wherever you go, whoever you visit, there seems to be an invitation waiting for you for the wedding of the brother of the cousin of your grandmother’s half sister’s distant relative. In short, someone you never knew existed.
And wait, you’re actually expected to show up.

So, what should you expect at a Tunisian wedding?
Oh, a lot really. It’s like there’s this secret competition only people who are organizing weddings know about, in which by the end of the summer people are going to vote which wedding had the most money spent on it, which was the noisiest and loudest one, which had the ultimately worst singer, which served the sweetest sweets and which one featured the most barely dressed girls.
But that’s on the long term, on the short term you should primarily expect a headache, a stomachache and most probably diabetes.

Weddings are also an opportunity to get ready for the next wedding season and fill up it’s schedule, so girls put on all the makeup they have, wear as little clothes as possible, show as much cleavage and thighs as they can and dance until they drop in an attempt to hookup with one of the single (or married but ripe for divorce) perverts at the wedding.

Weddings aren’t all about celebration though, they’re also a war between the two families to prove who is classier and better.
And behind all that loud music, there often are a number of little fights going on because someone got served before the other or because someone sat closer to the bride and groom.

There’s nothing quite like a Tunisian wedding.
Beneath all the madness, chaos and noise there lies a bit of the great and unique Tunisian culture that I love so much.
It’s Amazing…

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