Saddam Hussein Trial

Man, man, man…
Saddam Hussein was in court yesterday…
And what a show it was!

Saddam was very confident and extremely defiant. He was talking like he was still the President of Iraq, and he simply took control of the whole situation.

“This is all a theater” designed by President Bush, whom he called a criminal, to win re-election, he said.

He defended his invasion of Kuwait and questioned how an Iraqi judge could be asking him about it.

In short, he was very strong and unbroken.

I agree that Saddam is a criminal who deserves to be tried in a court of law for what he did.
I had a lot of Iraqi friends when I was in Jordan, and I knew how life was in Iraq not from the media, but from the people who lived it themselves.
It was a nightmare for these people. I had a friend who was afraid of going back to Iraq because they’d catch him and cut his ears off for not going into the army.
And I saw many families scattered and heard many tragedic stories about loss of family and friends.

Anyway, just like it’s always been, Saddam gets his charisma and popularity from his strength and his ability to defy his enemies.
To many arabs, Saddam was the last courageous arab man, the last person who could stand up to the US and defy them and mock them.
Everyone knew about the atrocities he committed in Iraq but still that would all be forgotten and they’d only see the side of Saddam that is strong and defiant, the side they loved him for.

Showing him in court yesterday and showing how he still is strong willed and defiant will only make people admire him for it.
I’ve heard that they showed the video so that people would know that he’s being tried by an Iraqi court and an Iraqi judge and that it would be fair. Well, people know that’s all an image, or theater as Saddam put it, and it’s obvious the US is the one pulling the strings from behind the curtains.

Of course, a lot of people are happy to see that he’s going to be tried for all he’s done, and hope that he gets the death penalty, and they don’t care who’s behind it as long as it’s done.

But some other people see a Saddam who is not willing to let go, who is still confident, who can’t be broken. And they will be awed by that and will admire him more. Something I’m sure the US and the interim Iraqi administration don’t want to see happening.

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