RSS Bandit

After being a loyal SharpReader user for quite a while now and using it as my default feed reader, yesterday I stumbled across another one called RSS Bandit.

I installed it, ran it, and loved it. In only a few seconds it lured me in and it became my default feed reader.

It’s really a neat piece of software.

It’s written in C# too, and it’s open source.
I’ve downloaded the source code and am thinking of doing some customization in it if I actually find time to, mainly in the looks because the rest is going fine.
Anyway, if I do get around to it, maybe I’ll make it available for you guys to download as the official Subzero Blue Feed Reader 😛

Update (29/07/04):
I’ve switched back to SharpReader. It’s simpler, lighter and well I just got used to it 😛

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