My Current Favourites

Just thought I’d publish a list of some of my current favourites:

  • Favourite Holiday Destination: Thailand
  • Favourite Place to Live: Phi Phi Island (Thailand)
  • Favourite Place in my Country: Sidi Bou Said
  • Favourite Perfume: Higher (Dior)
  • Favourite Food: Couscous (Tunisian National Dish)
  • Favourite Fast-food Meal: Burger King’s Double Whopper
  • Favourite Drink: My wife’s Ice Tea
  • Favourite Book: Nineteen Eighty Four (George Orwell)
  • Favourite Singer: Tina Arena
  • Favourite Group: The Corrs
  • Favourite Song: Open Road (Gary Barlow)
  • Favourite Actor: John Cusack
  • Favourite Movie: Lord of the Rings
  • Favourite Politician: None
  • Favourite Pass-time: Watching Movies
  • Favourite Hangout: Home ๐Ÿ˜›
  • Favourite Car: BMW X5
  • Favourite Airliner: Swiss

You can post your favourites in the comments :)

  • Eman

    I really enjoyed this post:) here are my answers:
    Favourite Holiday Destination: Thailand
    Favourite Place to Live: Any place where I can live with both my hasband and family.
    Favourite Place in my Country: Carthage(Tunisia) and Amman (Jordan)
    Favourite Perfume (currently): Amor Amor(Cacharel)
    Favourite Food: LOL! can’t count ๐Ÿ˜€
    Favourite Fast-food Meal: McDonald’s Quarter Pounder
    Favourite Drink: Fresh Carrot Juice
    Favourite Book: None
    Favourite Singer: No specific singer
    Favourite Group: No specific group
    Favourite Song: I will survive (all versions)
    Favourite Actor: John Cusack
    Favourite Movie: One Fine Day
    Favourite Politician: None
    Favourite Pass-time: Watching TV
    Favourite Hangout: Nature
    Favourite Car: Mercedes A Class:)
    Favourite Airliner: Royal Jordanian

  • Dalia

    Yalla why not – even though nobody asked!

    Favourite Holiday Destination: London (been there) – South Africa (wanna go)
    Favourite Place to Live: Palestine
    Favourite Place in my Country: Dead Sea – Jordan/Palestine
    Favourite Perfume: Les Belles De Ricci – Delice D’Epices by Nina Ricci
    Favourite Food: Arabic food in general
    Favourite Fast-food Meal: Currently ‘In and Out burgers’
    Favourite Drink: Water
    Favourite Book: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ – Harper Lee
    Favourite Singer: Alanis Morrisette
    Favourite Group: Bee Gees – Coldplay
    Favourite Song: ‘Yellow’ – Coldplay
    Favourite Actor: Dustin Hoffman
    Favourite Movie: Gone With the Wind
    Favourite Politician: Hassan Nasrallah
    Favourite Pass-time: Reading – Swimming
    Favourite Hangout: Beach
    Favourite Car: Audi
    Favourite Airliner: British Airways

  • Hannah

    * Favourite Holiday Destination: none
    * Favourite Place to Live: Hawaii
    * Favourite Place in my Country: Amman, Jordan (even though i live in USA lol)
    * Favourite Perfume: none
    * Favourite Food: werak dawali
    * Favourite Fast-food Meal: mcdonalds big mac
    * Favourite Drink: sprite/7 up
    * Favourite Book: The Catcher in the Rye (J.D. Salinger)
    * Favourite Singer: MOHANNAD ๐Ÿ˜‰ lol ๐Ÿ˜‰
    * Favourite Group: none
    * Favourite Song: none
    * Favourite Actor: no preference
    * Favourite Movie: Garfield ๐Ÿ˜‰
    * Favourite Politician: no preference
    * Favourite Pass-time: reading/playing tennis
    * Favourite Hangout: mall….SHOPPING! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    * Favourite Car: VW Beetle!
    * Favourite Airliner: no one in particular

  • Eman A.

    * Favourite Holiday Destination: las vegas
    * Favourite Place to Live: my home :p
    * Favourite Place in my Country: my grandmas house and other relatives homes
    * Favourite Perfume: not one in particular
    * Favourite Food: pizza
    * Favourite Fast-food Meal: mcdee big mac meal
    * Favourite Drink: pepsi
    * Favourite Book: Dovey Coe
    * Favourite Singer: Ehab tawfit
    * Favourite Group: none
    * Favourite Song: allah alak
    * Favourite Actor: Shia Labeuf
    * Favourite Movie: Garfield
    * Favourite Politician: none
    * Favourite Pass-time: hangin out with family & friends
    * Favourite Hangout: MALL
    * Favourite Car: vw beetle
    * Favourite Airliner: none

  • Saqf

    * Favourite Holiday Destination: Paris
    * Favourite Place to Live: My current home
    * Favourite Place in my Country: Wadi Mujeb in Jordan and old city of Nablus in Palestine.
    * Favourite Perfume: Egoiste 1990, CHANEL
    * Favourite Food: Any kind of soup
    * Favourite Fast-food Meal: Rimini Pizza or Chili Ways
    * Favourite Drink: All sorts of Tea (real tea, no tea bags please)
    * Favourite Book: The Hobbit, Tolkein
    * Favourite Singer: Bjork
    * Favourite Group: Depeche Mode
    * Favourite Song: Tough question! Depends on the mood and phase I am in
    * Favourite Actor: Sir Anthony Hopkins
    * Favourite Movie: Lord of The Rings Trilogy
    * Favourite Politician: My Dad
    * Favourite Pass-time: Outdoors: Nature. Indoors: Taking care of my plants, learning languages (currently Japanese) and many more.
    * Favourite Hangout: Al-Pasha Turkish Bath
    * Favourite Car: Defender, Land Rover
    * Favourite Airliner: Easy Jet

  • Roba

    Whoa, I was not even planning to answer until I read the comments. Really intresting people you got as readers of your website MMM.

    Favourite Holiday Destination: Amman.
    Favourite Place to Live: Amman (we just moved here)
    Favourite Place in my Country: Well, I must say Amman Again. I love Shmesani in Amman. I also really like old town Nables… It’s really such a gorgeous place, and so is Aka.
    Favourite Perfume: Ralph by Ralph Lauren.
    Favourite Food: Mansaf! And who dares to say other wise?!
    Favourite Fast-food Meal: Fuddrucker’s Beef Bacon Mushroom Burger. *drool*
    Favourite Drink: Clearly Canadian.
    Favourite Book: Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Blood and Gold by Anne Rice.
    Favourite Singer: Fairooz.
    Favourite Group: Anything Adult Alternative. Coldplay, Matchbox 20, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, etc.
    Favourite Song: Black (Pearl Jam) and Don’t Speak (No Doubt)
    Favourite Actor: Bruce Willis.
    Favourite Movie: Return of the King (Lord of the Rings)
    Favourite Politician: None
    Favourite Pass-time: Making greeting cards.
    Favourite Hangout: home :)
    Favourite Car: my battered up Mitsubishi Lancer :)
    Favourite Airliner: Saudi Airlines (weird question)

  • Roba

    Oh yeah, I kinda have a problem with this website. My browser doesn’t update it except every 3 days although it updates everything else. Say, I don’t get the posts MMM posted from the 24th to the 27th until the 28th of August. Can anyone help?

  • MMM

    That’s weird.
    It’s either that your pc is caching the site or that your ISP’s server is doing that.

    Try deleting temporary internet files from your browsers options window and then check the site.

    If you still have the problem, maybe you should give your ISP a call and ask them about it.

  • Calabala

    WOW, nice thought MMM ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Well, here is my list

    * Favourite Holiday Destination: all around the world ๐Ÿ˜€
    * Favourite Place to Live: Egypt
    * Favourite Place in my Country: Alexandria
    * Favourite Perfume: Hugo
    * Favourite Food: Yugort
    * Favourite Fast-food Meal: KFC’s Twister
    * Favourite Drink: French Vanilla (Yummy ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    * Favourite Book: none
    * Favourite Singer: English – Enrique Iglesias, Arabic – 3abd El7alim 7afiz
    * Favourite Group: Westlife
    * Favourite Song: English – I’ll Always Love You (Whitney Houston), Arabic – Resala Men Ta7t Alma2 (3abd El7alim 7afiz)
    * Favourite Actor: English – Richard Gere, Arabic – A7mad Elsa2a
    * Favourite Movie: Remember the Titans (old but grrreat ๐Ÿ˜€ )
    * Favourite Politician: Amr Mousa
    * Favourite Pass-time: Writing and Listining to music
    * Favourite Hangout: The beach
    * Favourite Car: Lamborghini
    * Favourite Airliner: Lufthansa

  • Ahmad

    Salam 4all,
    I guess I’ll post mine as well:)
    Favourite Holiday Destination: Yafa,Beirut,Alexandria,or any of our great Midetteranean cities (never been to any:(
    Favourite Place to Live: Palestine
    Favourite Place in my Country: Nablus,the old city(never been there),Umm Qais,Irbid,Jordan nice view on Tabaria lake.Emm Elsoos,Amman,night time you can see the lights of Jerusalem.
    Favourite Perfume: Obsession
    Favourite Food: Wara2 Dawali,Msakhan Rammalla
    Favorit Desert: Knafeh Nabelsieh
    Favourite Fast-food Meal: none,but if I have to Subway or pennstation
    Favourite Drink: Turkish Coffee
    Favourite Book: The Holy Quran
    Favorit ArabicReadings:Rashid Ganousshy,Gawdat Sa’eed,Mohammad Ghazali.
    Favorite Arabic Literature: Ameen Ma3loof, AbdulRa7man Muneef,Ibraheem NasrAllah.
    Favorite Poet:old: AlMutanabi,new: Omar AbuReesheh,Mahmoud Darweesh,Ahmad Matar.
    Favorite English Readings:Edward Said,Noam Chomsky
    Favourite Arabic PoliticalSinger: Marcel Khalifeh,Ahmad Qa3boor
    Favourite Arabic PoliticalGroup: AlRawabi
    Favorite male singer:old:Abdel7aleem,Saba7 Fakhri,Wadee3
    Favorite Female singer:old:Umm Kalthoum, new:Magida AlRoumi
    Favourite Song: Ahmad AlArabi,Marcel. Amal 7ayati,Umm Kalthoum and many others
    Favorite Music Instrument:Oud
    Favorite music player:Marcel,Sharbel Rou7ana,Simon Shaheen,Omar Khayrat
    Favorite non Arab musician:Omar Faruk,Yanni,Kenny G
    Favourite Actor: Anthony Hopkins
    Favourite Movie: Lion of the desert.
    Favourite Politician: Hassan Nasrallah
    Favourite Pass-time: Reading, playing cards, addicted to Trix:)
    Favourite Car: Mercedes
    Favourite Airliner: it’s been a while,I’m not sure, Royal Jordanian is not bad,except for not being on time, and for the kids playing footbal on board:)
    Peace and Love:)

  • Ahmad

    How dare I forgot Fairuz:))
    English songs,I used to listen to it more when I was back home,but lost the interst here,you know home sickness:)) but anyways I’d say Celine Dion,ABBA,Cat Stevens…man it’s been a while..sure there are many more but I forgot them:)

  • kitkat

    hi everyone,
    this is a good idea… i think i’ll post mine too:)
    Favorite Holiday Destination:Greece
    Favorite Place to Live:Egypt
    Favorite Place in my country: Arlington(usa), Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm el Shaik, and *3urda2a (egypt), Khartoum North (sudan)
    Favorite Perfume: anything by Clinque or Channel(esp. COCO channel or Channel No. 5)
    Favorite Food: arabic: shawirma , greek:sooflaki:)
    Favorite Fast-food meal: spicy chicken strips from pop-eyes
    Favorite drinf: water
    Favorite book: pride and prejudice (jane austin) and cyrano de berjarque (i can’t remember the author and i think that’s spelled right)
    Favorite play: cyrano de berjarque and the strange case of doctor jekyll and mr. hyde
    Favorite Singer: arabic new : assi el 7ellani, arabic old: abd el halim hafiz, english: celine dion, spanish: jaunes
    Favorite group: none
    Favorite song: english: i will always love you (whitney houston), simply the best (tina turner) arabic: el hawa hawaya, and el 7elwa(abdel halim hafiz) and malley sabor ya nas (assi el hellani), and 7abeebi ya amal bokra(mo3een shref)
    Favorite actor: english: heath ledger and mel gibson … arabic: hani salama, ahmad elsa2a, moh’d el sha2na2eri (egypt) mazen el me3adum, tony abu jawda (lebanon)arabic old: omar el sherief, roushdy abaza, ahmad ramzy, hassan yousif
    Favorite movie: english: a night’s tale, drummline, the patriot, ten things i hate about you… arabic old: esha3et hob, el ‘7ataya new: africano, qalb garee’
    Favorite politician: none
    Favorite pass- time: reading, playing the violin, listening to music
    Favorite hangout: starbucks
    Favorite car: escalade
    Favorite airliner: British airways and Luftahansa