Kerry picks Edwards for VP

So, after keeping the media buzzing and speculating for months about who he will select as a VP candidate and keeping his whole selection process top secret, it’s finally out that Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry, has chosen his colleague Sen. John Edwards as his running mate for the 2004 presidential election.

Even though I don’t really believe that the choice of Vice President really affects the voting that much, I think it’s different this time.
The choice of Edwards is a really good and smart one.

I think that Edwards fills in the gaps and weaknesses that Kerry has. He’s more social, closer to the people, has a better sense of humour, spreads more enthusiasm and activity.
He somehow reminds me of Bill Clinton a bit.

And so, I think that while campaigning he’ll fill up the void in Kerry and make a stronger connection with the people and help get Kerry more votes to kick Bush out.

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