Borrowed Heaven

I just bought The Corrs’ new album Borrowed Heaven a couple of days ago, and well let’s just say it’s been playing in my car non-stop ever since.

I’ve been a fan of The Corrs ever since I heard “Only When I Sleep” from their album Talk On Corners. After that, I went on to buy all their albums starting from Forgiven Not Forgotten to Borrowed Heaven passing by the great Unplugged.

I love their music, their style is simply unique.
This album continues on the same tone. It lifts you off the ground with it’s sweet tunes and lyrics, and Andrea’s sweet voice makes you feel like you’re floating somewhere between the heavens.

From the opening song “Summer Sunshine” to the instrumental “Silver Strand” at the end, this album is full of great and beautiful songs.

My faves from the first listen are: Summer Sunshine, Angel, Long Night, Baby Be Brave and Silver Strand.
I always love the celtic intrumental pieces they include in their albums. They’re amazing.

I’m in my second listen to it, and it’s getting even better and better 🙂

The Corrs rock!

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