Amman Soon

We just got home from downtown Tunis where we went to the Royal Jordanian airlines office.
And well finally, we got our tickets to Amman / Jordan.
The nice woman there even gave us a student discount 🙂

We’ll be leaving on August 29th.

It’s already been two years since I last visited Amman, in fact it’s also been two years since I last travelled to anywhere.

I was planning to go to Jordan last year, but I had to cancel because of my work, and my wife visited her parents alone 🙁

Anyway 2 years is a long time for a travel freak like me to not go anywhere. I love travelling and I love being in and out of airports and planes. Something I can’t say about my wife 😛 No matter how much she’s travelled, she’s always afraid of flying. I’ll never forget what she put me through during the 9 hour flight from Amman to Bangkok 2 years ago, lol.

Back to Jordan, It’ll be great to see all the family and friends. I’ve also heard that Amman has changed a lot in the 2 years I haven’t visited. And I can’t wait to get there to see it, check out all the new places and see what happened to all the places I used to go to.

Anyway, other than Jordan we’re hoping to get a chance to jump over to Lebanon and maybe Syria on the way for a few days.

Hopefully, the next days leading to the 29th of August will pass quickly and we’ll be on the plane in no time.

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