A Day To Remember

July 7th…
Now, that’s one day to remember for me…

July 7th 1998, in the summer course, after finishing my morning lectures, again I was faced with that scheduled hour of nothing to do.
No one I knew was free in that hour, everyone had lectures, and everytime I’d end up wandering around the University campus listening to my walkman or scribbling something down.

But not that day.
As I was walking from the faculty of science, past the square, past the university restaurant on my way to the languages center, there she was.

Ok before I get into that, I have to give you some background info.
Earlier in the year, towards the first semester and as I was sitting around with some friends of mine from the faculty of arts, I saw the most beautiful girl in the University of Jordan.
I didn’t know who she was, what her name was, what she did, nothing. All I knew is that I instantly fell for her.
I saw her more often from that day on, but she was always in a hurry going to a lecture or going home or something.

Anyway back to July 7th 1998.
There was that amazing girl and with her was a friend of mine.
They were walking my way too.
And we met, our common friend introduced us to each other, and things got better and better from that day on.

Now, that girl is my wife.
And that’s all because of that one fine day 😉

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