10 Rules for driving in Tunisia

The 10 golden rules for driving in Tunisia 😉

  1. Get in the car and make sure you don’t fasten your seat belt. ( It’s considered a bad habit.)
  2. Try to avoid looking in your side mirrors or front mirror. Mirrors in cars are made only to check on your appearance.
  3. Before you start your engine, make sure a car is passing by, And then start driving.
  4. Do not warn the drivers behind you of your intentions to stop, just step on the brakes and stop as suddenly as you possibly can.
  5. Remember to cross the traffic light only when it’s about to become red.
  6. If by any chance you see a friend, just stop in the middle of the road and greet him/her.
  7. Never honor stop signs, they are only there for decorative purposes.
  8. If you need something from the supermarket, double park making sure that no car will be able to find its way out.
  9. A one-way street is an idea foreign to our culture, don’t ever go by it.
  10. If you hit a car, don’t stop, just leave, and forget Anything happened.

Enjoy 😛

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