Yahoo! 100MB Email

So Yahoo! has started offering 100MB Email space for it’s free email accounts.
A nice surprise I got this morning as I logged in to check my Yahoo! account.

I stopped using my yahoo account much mostly because of the size limitation. I mainly used it as a spam filter for one of my extremely spammed email addresses and checked it every once in a while.

But now that the size is better, I might actually use it more often for certain things.

I think we should actually thank Google for this, as it’s their GMail service that made free email providers jump to offer more space before it’s too late.

Btw, I just read that Yahoo! Mail Plus subscribers will get 2GB of email now, twice the space offered by GMail.
Obviously it’s a defensive move so that the Plus subscribers don’t stop paying them and move to GMail when it goes public.
Let’s see: 1GB for free, 2GB for about 12$, and it’ll take years for the average user to fill up even half a GB.
I still see GMail with a hand up over the rest.

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