Thieves in Thailand (Haramiyyah fi Tayland)

It’s been a while since we last went to the cinema. And usually when we do, we go to see an arabic movie because the foreign movies are old and we’d have already seen them.

So, this past Saturday we thought we’d go catch this Egyptian movie called “Haramiyyah fi Tayland” (Thieves in Thailand) starring Hanan Tork and Karem Abdel-Azeez.

It was a pretty good movie and we enjoyed it very much. But the true reason why we really enjoyed it is because of the scenes shot in Thailand.
They shot in Bangkok and in Phuket, and we found ourselves identifying places that we went to and took pictures at when we visited Thailand on our honeymoon.
From the Bangkok streets, temples and floating market to the Phuket downtown, touristic area and beaches to the Krabi islands.
They even shot scenes at the same resort we stayed at in Phuket; Le Meridien Royal Yacht Club Resort.

It’s so great to watch a movie and say: I’ve been there, yes I saw that, remember that?, we took a picture at that exact place, we swam there, we dived there…etc.
That’s how most of the movie was for us, bringing back some really beautiful memories and places, and further making me want to visit Thailand again.

The story is a nice one and I expect that even people who never visited Thailand would like the movie.

But for us, Thailand simply overshadowed the movie.

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