The Wall Street Journal have published a list of the top seven items of techno-lust.
Here they are with my comments on each one:

7) Cool new do-everything cellphone
A few years back, I was against cellphones, now I can’t deny a cool feature-packed cellphone is a hot item in my wish list.
People change, and I’m only human 😉

6) DVR (Digital Video Recorder)
Hmmm, not a must, but it would be rather cool.

5) The iPod Mini
Certainly want a digital music player. Not necessarily an iPod though.
I actually have a digital cam/mp3 player that my dear wife bought me. Only problem I have now is space. I need a bigger flash card for it.

4) Flash Memory Drive
Have had one from back when people didn’t know what the hell they were. I got it with my laptop. I’m outdated now though, mine has only 16MB, and people are going around with 256MB and 512MB drives these days.

3) A Really Big, Really Flat TV
Now this would be beautiful, especially for DVDs and movies.
I’m already a movie addict, and with a TV like that, God knows what would happen to me, lol…

2) The Apple Airport Express
Well this seems to be very interesting and cool. The idea of connecting a PC’s music library to the stereo and extending a wireless network is something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.

1) A Gmail Address
Already have one, and I love it.

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