Tabarka Jazz festival 2004

So, the Tabarka Jazz Festival is just around the corner, and everyone’s getting their plans ready to go to one concert or another.

The schedule this year is as follows:

02/07/2004 : Buena Vista Social Club
03/07/2004 : Billy Paul
04/07/2004 : Archie Shepp
06/07/2004 : Manu De Bango & Ray Lema
07/07/2004 : Mc Coy Tyner
08/07/2004 : Captain Mercier, Charlier Sourisse & Gnaoua
09/07/2004 : Romane
10/07/2004 : Liz Mc Comb

I’m not sure I’ll be going to any of the concerts, although I find the first two quite interesting and cool.

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