Reality TV enters politics

The reality television craze is set to enter Australian politics, with the launch of a programme that encourages viewers to select candidates to run in national Senate elections.

Channel Seven on Wednesday said the programme Vote For Me would audition ordinary Australians who believed they could contribute to national affairs.

A panel of experts will select 18 candidates – three for each of Australia’s six states – before the audience is asked to use mobile phone text messages to whittle them down to one candidate per state.

The winners will receive $6800 campaign funding and receive daily airtime on Channel Seven’s Sunrise breakfast television news show.

Channel Seven said the contestants would be “serious” candidates tackling major issues.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

I can’t believe this…
I just predicted this exactly 10 days ago here. And my prediction is coming true already.

I actually think reality tv would be of more use in politics than it is in other crap by actually giving viewers a better insight into the people they vote for.
All politicians lie, but with more time in the limelight, the viewers can see if they’re good or bad liars 😛

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