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Procter & Gamble, the manufacturer of Pringles chips has come up with an innovative process to place images and text on the surface of Pringles potato chips.

So now, an Ad can be passed to you on the chip before you crunch it away.

According to the press release, first up will be a promotion involving one of Hasbro’s popular board games, “Trivial Pursuit Junior.” Questions from that brand will be featured on the chips, along with the answers.

Aren’t they taking advertising a bit too far here?!
I mean, advertising on food?
I think that’s a bit too much for my stomach to handle 😉

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4 thoughts on “Pringle Ads”

  1. I agree, that is too much… besides, to me Pringles is so tasty, I can’t resist eating it right away and I don’t think I’d even waste few seconds to look at the add or think of any questions on it, hmm ,I must be crazy about Pringles 😀

  2. i need a commercial of pringles can u send me please its quiet urgent its all about my project ill be thankfull to u see yea
    waiting for positive response

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