Nineteen Eighty-Four

I just finished reading Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell yesterday afternoon, and WOW, that was one hell of a read.

It’s one of those books that suck you in to them and paint the world and the images all around you, where you and the main character become one and live the story together.
I truly loved reading it.

Big Brother, Thought Police, NewSpeak, Changing the past and the Ministries of Love, Peace and Plenty …etc.
There’s such a great attention to detail in this book, it simply makes you feel, see and live what the writer is talking about.

George Orwell’s anti-socialist and anti-communist feelings come through very strongly in this book, as they also did in Animal Farm.

The story was a futuristic one when it was written and still can be applied to our time too.
It touches upon so many issues and sheds light on worries we should have till this very day (especially about privacy).

I also think it could make a great movie. It has all the elements of a cool hollywood movie: Good story, suspense, love, hate, sex, betrayal, politics, sci fi, …etc.
It could even be a big blockbuster hit if someone like Spielberg took it and played around with it

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