Next Action Star

So, here comes another junk reality tv show. This time it’s Next Action Star by NBC.

NBC and producer Joel Silver are looking for the Next Action Star!
14 hopefuls are plucked from obscurity, sent to Los Angeles to compete to become Hollywood’s next “big thing”. They will be trained in everything from acting to stunts by the best in the business. Two winners (1 man, 1 woman) will star in Joel Silver’s first network television film, also airing this summer on NBC.

This whole reality tv thingie is getting way out of hand. Everything is becoming a reality tv show now.

The whole concept is pointless, useless, boring and stupid.
It builds on the voyeur sleeping inside us humans, and on the fact that it’s in human nature to want to watch other people and see what happens in their lives.
But it’s so fake and stupid, it makes me sick.

What next?
Maybe they should turn elections to a political reality tv show. Now that would be interesting for a change. Don’t you think?

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