Iraq Handover: Done or Not?!

So, 2 days earlier than the announced deadline, the CPA has handed Iraq over to the interim Iraqi Government.

I’m sure the media will make a really big deal out of this and portray it as one of the greatest historic events of this decade.

But well, honestly, I don’t see anything big or different about it.
An American led Authority is handing over sovereignty and rule to an American puppeted Iraqi government. The American army will still be in Iraq, in fact there could be more on the way, and at the end of the day the final say will be the word coming from Washington.

Anyway, being my optimistic self, this can be regarded as a step forward, not as big as they would want people to believe, but still a small step forward.

Still, the real handover for me happens when true democratic elections are held in Iraq and the people really choose who they want to govern them.

It remains to be seen though whether the U.S. will let them choose who they really want, or if it has to be someone with the “U.S. Friendly” tag on them.

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