Freelance CEO

Well, for a limited time period only, I’m offering to freelance as a CEO.
So if you are interested in having me run your company; email me with a brief about your company and a fat juicy financial offer.
A picture of my main secretary would be a nice option to include with your email if possible.

This offer is mainly targeted at big multinational companies. Anyway, if you’re not that big, but you still think you are worth my time, send me an email and I’ll consider reading it.

Btw, I have no experience running a company at all. I just go with the flow and with whatever impulse I get. Could make you billions in profit and could crash your multi-billion dollar empire to the ground. Depends on the day.

I’m good with people, too good in fact, so good that I hate being around people and will only feel comfortable communicating through IM.

Business sense? Yeah sure. If you’re in IT, just stay away from whatever Microsoft is doing. You don’t have a chance.
Another industry? hmmm. Same thing; stay away from Microsoft, you don’t want their software ruining your business.

And well, we can talk about the rest later.
Talking of that, you’ll never see me, never know my real name, never talk to me directly, nothing!
The one thing you’ll know is my bank account number to be able to transfer my salary.

Now, let the offers begin…

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