US stops paying Chalabi

The United States is stopping secret payments to the Iraqi National Congress (INC), headed by Ahmad Chalabi, finding that the information it has provided is useless.

The monthly payments of $335,000 dollars made through the Defence Intelligence Agency began in 2002.

They will end 30 June, when the scheduled “transfer of power” from US-led occupying forces to an Iraqi government takes place, an official with Chalabi’s group told the New York Times on Tuesday.

Totalling at least $27 million, the classified programme helped the INC gather intelligence in Iraq, but internal reviews by the US government have found that much of the information provided before the US-led invasion last year was useless, misleading or fabricated.

[Source: Al Jazeera]

So finally, the US have realized that Chalabi has been lying to them and pulling their leg all along for his own benefit.
It just makes me think where the word “Intelligence” comes from in the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

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