UK photos fake but abuse investigation goes on

So, it seems like the UK prisoner abuse photos were a hoax.

UK armed forces minister Adam Ingram said an inquiry by military police found a truck seen in the Mirror’s photos “was never in Iraq.”

The tabloid newspaper issued a statement on Friday afternoon apologizing for printing the pictures, saying it believed it had been “the subject of a calculated and malicious hoax.”

The paper, which has consistently opposed the war in Iraq, also said it “deeply regrets the reputational damage” done to British forces.

Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan has stepped down after admitting the error.

Still, the scandal of the faked photos does not mean the question of abuse by British troops is over; there is simply no photographic evidence of it.
Ministers are not saying there has been no abuse as a Red Cross report is still being investigated.

[More: CNN, Manchester Online]

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