Personality Control & Change

These past couple of days I’ve been thinking about how much control a person has over his personality and nature and how effective he can be at attempting to change them.

It takes years for someone’s personality to be built. So many factors, experiences and people are involved in the process.
Is it that easy to just stand up at one point in your life and say: No!, I want to change my personality!
Can the work of years be erased and changed in a few seconds, minutes, hours.

I think it’s impossible.
What takes time to be created, needs time to be erased and recreated.
Of course, the time needed depends on how many changes the person wants to introduce into to his personality. But what’s for sure is that it takes time.

But why would a person want to change his personality or nature in the first place?
Depends. I think there are many reasons. Some stupid and some smart.
To sum it all, I think it’s so that the person can adapt to his surroundings better.
The teenager wants to change his personality so that he can be one of the cool guys he sees around him, the nice guy wants to change because he’s being taken advantage of by the people around him, the bad guy wants to change because he feels he’s being mean and unworthy of the nice people surrounding him…etc.
I think it’s always as a way to adapt better to the conditions and surroundings.
Sort of like Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection.

But how does a person start?
I think that the person should start by defining what the problems he’s facing are, and what things in his personality make him vulnerable for those problems.
After that he should think of how he can stay the same person he’s proud of being while adding a new layer that deals with the reasons of his weaknesses or simply removes them.

How effective is it?
I guess it depends on how serious the person is about it and how hard he tries.
It’s not an easy task because most of what makes up your personality has become sort of a natural reflex. Controlling that and overriding it with a new reaction and getting it right is not easy.

Why am I thinking about this?
Because there are certain aspects I know I should change in my personality to make me less vulnerable to certain things, and yet I’m having a hard time changing them.

Of course, there’s all that “I am what I am” talk, and whoever doesn’t like it can go to hell!
But still, there are things that I see as weaknesses in my personality that I want to change to my profit and not because of anyone else.

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