National Census & Us

Two guys from the national census people passed by on Friday.
I was still at work but my wife had already made it home so she was the unlucky one who had to answer all their questions 😛

They had a list of around 50 questions targetted at knowing how many people lived in the household, their ages, education level, occupation, …etc.
They also asked a lot about what we had and didn’t have from cars to dishwashers to cellphones …etc.

What I found interesting are the questions about how many cellphones we had, how many regular phones, if we used the internet, how many daily hours we used the internet for, …etc.
I would be really interested in knowing the results they get for that. Shame the information collected is confidential.
Still I think they might release some general statistics and numbers.

Anyway, I hope the results come out to be good and that the government pushes even more for cheaper internet and telecommunications services and keeps encouraging wider adoption of new technologies.

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