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> What We Have Become
An excellent blog by Lawrence.
One other thought on the “it’s just a few bad apples defense”. Why should the Arab or Muslim worlds care whether the torture and killing of their compatriots or coreligionists is the policy of our nation or the work of a few rogue elements? On September 11, 2001, the US was attacked by 19 members of al-Qaeda, a small rogue element on the very fringes of Islam, which enjoyed no significant public following in any Arab or Muslim country. And what was our response? … [Full Article]

> Racism at Core of Iraq Invasion
UN Observer
There is an arrogance in the West that everything Western is superior, exemplary and ideal for all cultures. In 2002, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Belusconi said that Islamic culture was inferior to the advanced Western civilization. This school of thought is prevalent throughout every sector of US society and has been nudged on by the various

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