Melingo, Ltd., a company that has provided advanced search capabilities for complex languages, has just introduced Morfix CL, its English-Arabic-English Cross-Language Search with Embedded Translation (demo, IE only). What that means is that English-speaking researchers can search through Arabic material without knowing any Arabic at all ? and see a results page with a translation of each Arabic word or phrase.

Melingo, a subsidiary of Encyclopaedia Britannica, Inc., is carefully positioning its Morfix technology as a complement to other search engines. The company is concentrating its efforts on aiding the search process and not on highlighting the process of machine translation, which it says is still very inaccurate. Melingo claims that Morfix CL represents a breakthrough in Arabic language analysis and a boon to intelligence agencies and businesses, which today process growing amounts of Arabic data with limited numbers of qualified human translators.

Check out the demo of Morfix.

I think this is definitely cool.

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