Miss Lebanon 2004 on LBC

So, in the ever growing madness of reality tv, Lebanese TV station LBC has gone on to reinvent the Miss Lebanon competition as a reality tv show allowing people to watch the contestants living together, eating breakfast, talking, fighting and all the reality tv blah blah.

This started last year and they’re doing it again this year. I only caught it this year because last year we didn’t have satellite channels at home and so were disconnected from all the nice bullshit they offer.

I haven’t taken the time to watch the girls living together because that doesn’t really interest me much.
But, I caught the first prime in which 2 nominees were kicked out and the one everyone hated remained.

And well, I think that the idea of having primes isn’t that bad and actually makes the beauty competition more fun than it used to be.
It gives more control to people to vote for the contestants who always vote for the best looking, and as this already is a beauty competition, the whole concept of viewers voting suddenly works.
It also allows perverts to watch these girls over and over again in each and every prime instead of just seeing them once in the old competition, lol…

Anyway, I can imagine how horrible a nightmare it could be watching these girls living together.

[Link: Miss Lebanon 2004]
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