Kill Bill 2

So, I finally got to see Kill Bill 2. And well, no need for me to say how good it was and all, you already know that by default.

This movie doesn’t have as much gore and violence as the first one and focuses more on the characters, which I thought was good.
But even though it cuts down the violence, the movie still moves on at the same pace and keeps you at the same level of excitement.
It only slows down towards the end and stops short of giving you the big ending you’d expect, which kind of bugged me.

I also found some kind of humour in it, or maybe I’m just weird 😛

The cinematography and photography is perfect and unique, it plays a really big role in the how the movie sucks you in.

Overall, it’s a great movie, and I really enjoyed it.
I’m surely going to talk my wife into watching it so that I can see it again with her 😛

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