Chalabi’s Fall

So Chalabi, the favourite US toy in Iraq for the past few years, who had all the support of the pentagon and US government and was expected to be installed as the next Iraqi president has now simply burned out.

A few days ago, the US announced they’d be stopping secret payments to the Iraqi National Congress (INC), headed by Ahmad Chalabi.

And yesterday his home and office were raided by the Iraqi police and American troops seeking evidence of fraud, embezzlement and kidnapping by members of his Iraqi National Congress – and perhaps an explanation of his dealings with Iranian intelligence.

Now we all know that he is a crook. He’s even sentenced to prison in Jordan for embezzlement.
And we all know that he was lying all along and providing fabricated and wrong information to the US.
And we all know that Iraqis hate him, feel no connection with him, and that he has no following on the ground.
So is it possible that the US and the CIA are only realizing this now?!
Or maybe at first, they didn’t care because he was telling them what they wanted to hear, but now that things have turned sour, they want to hold him accountable for it?

Anyway, now he’s lying some more by engaging in a political war with the US administration and saying that all this is happening because he’s asking for the US to give full sovereignty to the Iraqis and leave.
But, that’s obviously a load of bullshit. He’s just trying to win the people on his side.

I think this is the end for Chalabi and that he should just run back to where he was hiding while he still can.
He’s a total disgrace to his country.

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