Blogger Relaunched

So Blogger have relaunched themselves in a new look and with a bunch of new features.

Blogger is the place where I seriously started blogging, even though the first blog I created was at Blog City, but I never wrote anything there.
My wife still uses blogger and all of a sudden, I kind of feel jealous because she’ll be enjoying all the new stuff 😛

Among the goodies are a ton of new cool templates by design Gods Zeldman, Doug Bowman, Dan Cederholm, Dave Shea, …etc.
They also added comments, individual post pages, blogger profile page and email blogging.
For more details, go here.

The blogger site re-design is a collaboration between Stopdesign and Adaptive Path, and well the least I can say is that it rocks.
It’s cleaner, friendlier and well simply delicious.
Definitely a lot of nice CSS in there.

The logo and visual identity have also been slightly modified.
I think it’s better this way.

All in all, I think this is a truly great thing that Blogger have done.
I think it’ll push them even further ahead of their competition.

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