Arab Summit Tomorrow

So, the Arab Summit will be taking place this weekend in Tunis.

Tunis is looking ever so beautiful. The flags of the Arab countries are flapping on every major street, trees have been trimmed, grass has been cut, beautiful flowers are everywhere, and all is perfect.

Security is high and tight already and a big part of downtown Tunis around the location of the summit will be totally sealed off starting this afternoon.

I’m curious to see what Arab leaders will come out with after this summit. There’s a lot of talk about reform of the Arab league and of the Arab countries, human rights, woman’s rights and more which is very interesting, but I’m not sure there can be one formula that fits for all Arab countries.

Whatever they come out with, I just hope this summit won’t be a failure and a dissapointment to the Arab people as all the previous summits were.

Tunisia wants to make this summit a successful and useful one and that gives me some hope.

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