Adidas 1: The Smart Shoe

Adidas says it has created the world’s first “smart shoe” by mating it with a computer chip that adapts its cushioning level to a runner’s size and stride.

The Adidas 1 is the product of a three-year secret project the German company developed at its U.S. headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

The microprocessor is located in the arch of the shoe, and drives a tiny screw and cable system that adjusts the heel cushion depending on the signals sent back by an electric sensor coupled to a magnet.

It is powered by a battery that conserves power by adjusting the shoe while it is in the air during a runner’s stride, avoiding resistance from the ground.

The entire assembly weighs no more than 40 grams — just 10 percent of the 400-gram total weight of the shoe, to keep it light enough for distance runners.

Very very interesting, beautiful even.
A true work of genius.

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