10 Golden Rules for the IT Services Sector

From the years I’ve spent in the IT services field, I’ve come to the conclusion that the following are the 10 golden rules for this sector:

  1. It’s always Extra Super Damn Urgent!
  2. Client deadlines are an illusion. Yours are painful obligations.
  3. Your one hour meeting scheduled for today will take place 3 weeks later on a weekend and will last all day long. What else do you have to do anyways?
  4. Final Client Validations are as valid as your wet dreams.
  5. A year long project starts today, is due next week and you shouldn’t expect any input from the client yet.
  6. You and your life are included with the sold service. Yes, “slave” is the perfect word.
  7. No project ever ends. once it begins you’re stuck with it forever and ever and ever and ever…
  8. No need to estimate how much time you need to finish a project. The client already knows when he wants it.
  9. Ever heard of that rule “The Client is King”, tattoo it somewhere and be prepared to literally live it every day of your useless life.
  10. The client knows your work better than you, so just follow the damn orders.

Well, ok, maybe it’s not that bad. It’s actually a lot worse!

God help me please…

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