What happened to theGlobe.com?

Yesterday, I just remembered theGlobe.com, the place where I actually ventured into creating my first website and web presence.

I don’t know what reminded me of it, but I just was curious to know what they’ve done with themselves now.

theGlobe.com was one of the first big free email, free hosting, free chat, free everything portals that the internet became full of back in the days.
All I ever used was their free hosting, but they had a bunch of other interesting services too, or so they thought.
I remember my username was mmmmusic there. Ok it sucks, I know, but back then it seemed like a good name for a website by me “MMM” about Music.
Anyway, as always, I start with one thought and end up with another, so in the end I started my Tina Arena website there instead of making it a general music site, and I created a little website about Tunisia.
So effectively, the name sucked even more because it had nothing to do with the content.

Anyway, I was later lured to tripod and I never used theGlobe again. Only for occasionally hosting an mp3 or video file for my website.

Through the years I watched from a distance as theGlobe changed and mutated from form to form trying to find some logic and some way to make money out of offering free services.
When will they ever learn?

It seems as though they’re still at it.
Their latest reincarnation is called voiceglo which offers a free p2p internet telephony service.
Seems like an interesting service, but I just have this feeling that the cycle of reincanations is still far from over at theGlobe.

  • http://erocker.net Eric

    I remember theglobe.com as well. There always seemed to be a bunch of us who went to the 30something room. We called it the dirty thirties. I had a LOT of fun there. I met a LOT of peeps there. I wish there were a place to re-aquaint with those folks again!

    I KEPT my name…. also to do with music. Erocker

  • Susan

    Hey Eric! I remember you…this is Tweety…did a search for theglobe.com and found this. You are alive and kicking eh? *hugs*

  • http://www.erocker.net Eric

    Yes tweety. I remember you. I wish there were a way to get ahold of all the members of the 30-somethings room! We used to have a blast there.

  • Synaptic Surge

    theglobe.com was fun back in 97-99. I actually met my wife (RAINN) in The Crypt in early 97. If anyone remembers, feel free to e-mail. Keywords: DIGITAL, PSYCONUTT, ANGELDREAM, RAINN, SYNAP, CHESHIRECAT, HCV.ORG, FIREBREAK, MISSMOJO, IRONLUNG, DRAGONFYRE, DESTA, DESTEPHENES, JULES69, SYNAPTIC SURGE, AUTUMNBABE, ZOE.

  • http://www.myspace.com/hatchalette Garmonbozia

    i am happy to see people still thinking about the globe after all these years…..i was a youngin’ then and kinda grew up in the crypt…..and i am lookin to find sum old friends from there….after it closed everyone kinda lost contact with each other……and i found this by doing a search as well so hopefully every one else will possibly do the same at some point……and i was known by most as Garmy…and it was nice reminiscing with ya!

  • AndySS

    Synaptic Surge, All those names you listed really bring back memories! The Crypt was the first place I went to when i found out I couldn’t get into AOL chat rooms from a non-AOL internet connection. I made a lot of friends there, but lost contact soon after it closed down. Wow, I totally forgot about most of this. It’s sad when you think about it, the people of the Crypt were who I spent so much time with, and now it’s all gone… BTW, I remember Rainn and I’m glad you’re still with her!

  • http://www.ukrease.co.za B4EYE4QRU17

    LOL…Good ole Desta, he taught me my first HTML tags in The Crypt, along with Tattman as well…I recall The Crypt was the very first chat room I found on the web in the early days when the internet first hit South Africa…I used to hang out there during the day and hav a blast.

    On occassion I wonder what happened to the people who used to go there…I also found this page searching for Destephenes on Google…

    Glad to see some folks still remember it, the black scary walls with the ghosts on them…lol

  • Due

    The globe was the first online community I could say I was part of. I don’t know what it was about the place, but many of the people I met in the Crypt I still have ties with. Our little community has not been duplicated anywhere else.

  • eurob

    I was eurob and was hated across most chat rooms cause I was so frickin annoying. Yet, I still loved that place, it had something that I never saw back again …. Was always in Red Square…oh btw there still is a chat room with the same interface and some of the same annoying people who don’t have a live: http://www.othius.com

  • http://www.myspace.com/gentechj GenTechJ

    Man this brigs back memories…just did a search for theglobe.com and The Crypt and this site came up. I used to spend way too much time on there and made so many great friends (and enemies too, heh). I remember a mix of screennames and realnames…Kathey, Ginny, Sam, ThreeVix, Desta and Deste, Cory, basically too many to list…I had a ton of nicks myself, DarkUltima, xPIKACHUx, NctrnlSprmcy, BurninInside, BrokenDreams, ShatteredDreams, etc etc. Real name is Justin for those who knew me that well.

  • michael

    wow, those names bring back memories. i posted a lot in red square; panik, peaches, glittergirl, where are you guys?


  • Lizzie

    I miss Red Square in The Globe!! I was mostly Beth there. Still in touch with a few people from back then. Someone should bring it back!!

  • Jessica

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels like I had a tie to theglobe. I didn’t hangout in the crypt, I was in the Rapture Cafe as Elise4. I would love to get in touch with old friends from that time.

  • _Kuba

    memories, 10 years ago i met my wife in 20somethings and i frequented the crypt, was sad to see the globe go, but it did. remember me email me jonkouba@hotmail.com


  • Cixpack

    Haha… wow flashback. I remember ThreeVix the most and Desta and BurninInside bring back memories as well. Crazy.

  • pocketlint

    holy crap!
    synap and rainn are still together? and _kuba, i JUST thought about you the other day…
    garmy is an adult now. omfg.

    people seriously need to email me.

    semi lard-o-matic ftw!

  • pocketlint

    might help if i posted my email huh? sheesh.


  • Lubiloo

    I used to chat there too! Although I used to go into different rooms, I was trying to remember the names, and only “plasma” comes to mind, can anyone name more? I have found a facebook group – but there are only 3 members so far .

  • Destaphenes

    What a trip down memory lane! It was a lifetime ago but I’d be hard-pressed to forget some of the crypters. Synaptic_Surge, Cashmire12, Morgana88, mr_satanism, femme_gothiq, MadProfessor, NightGrrl, B4EYE4QRU17, CheshireCat9, Cherokee407/Tattman, Dawn69, CrazedAngel, liquidblu, Skiler, Blondiloxx, Phening, VikingGirl, ThreeVix, sleeeping, and 300 other crypters (mostly females) if I keep going.

    I met 7? crypters over the years, I still have the socks tHeShEeNy sent me for Christmas and the card from Tracy with her schoolgirl pic! But it’s sadly a place we can’t go back to. Othius was an attempt to recreate the Crypt yet most of us had gone seperate ways already and the quality of the place was a shadow of the Crypt. I’ve never been chatting since. I was addicted to you crypters, not chatting period. I’ll always miss you guys. =)

    destaphenes hotmail com

  • Jillian

    This is complete craziness. I don’t even remember all the names I had there but I remember going by…oh my gosh, now that I’m old this is embarassing…princess696. My how we grow.

  • einsteinjade

    OMG! I’m so glad to find some of my old Crypt buddies! Desta, garmon, pocketlint, duelicious! Oh man…I’m in heaven. I just went looking for chat rooms and they all suck these days. I miss the crypt. Remember the old coffee cup? Good times….feel free to keep in touch. :) Miss y’all!

  • einsteinjade

    e-mail einsteinjade at yahoo dot com

    Good times…must start facebook group :)

  • http://www.myspace.com/wycked_moon MoonGodezz

    I occasionally look up

  • John

    You know, today I was thinking about theglobe.com. I too had a free email account with them back in Middle School! When the internet started to take off, my friend in my computer class had an email account there and suggested I do the same. So I did! My username was “actristocrat” like my current email address. I still have it to remind me of my first email at theglobe.com :)


  • http://www.globechat.org Due

    We recently revitalized the GlobeChat.Org site. Now we have member blogs, photo galleries, a live chat and message boards. Stop by and visit sometime y’all: http://www.globechat.org

  • Mouth69

    it hurts my heart that you left me off the list of people from the Crypt!!
    I even sent your butt a christmas card once.. anyone at all remember me?

  • Mouth69

    I was just thinking the other day about all my crypt friends and there’s never been a chat room i loved as much as that one…or the people that I chatted with. I can’t believe i found this place and you guys are all here! I’m not sure why I didn’t think of it sooner. It’s great to hear that Rainn and Synap are still together!
    feel free to mail me
    starletdawn (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Indian

    My first email address was created with theglobe.com. This brings back so many memories of times gone by.

    I would have loved to go back and read some of the first emails I have sent and received then.

  • nitro460…..

    feels left out we were the brothers with hoods as i remember!!!!!!!!!!!If anyone knows where cheshirecat is have her get a hold of me it has been many many years….she used to send me pictures and she looks like skully from the xfiles.

  • http://www.myspace.com/vocallibertine AngelDream

    Huh. I wish Synaptic Surge had left his e-mail address! Haven’t seen several in globechat.org. Come on in.

  • Ruth

    I used to frequent the hot tub and 20 something mostly. Occassionally visited the crypt. My name was Redd62. I’m still in touch with Buzzliteyr and The weakest link. Happy days x

  • Jelid

    Yeah-Hi Gina I miss you from The Globe….Shouts out to every ex-crypter out there….Jelid at: JadeSnake42@hotmail.com

  • Jelid

    To JayKay18, please email Jelid if you are feeling generous at: JadeSnake42@hotmail.com

  • Dreamgirl750

    Ahhhhh-back to memory lane!!!!!!! Blast from the Past :-).
    I used to be Sweetheart5! I remember my ever sweet chat buddies; Juanster, Kate310, Amy70 :-). All four of us used to hang out at Fuzz somthing; do not remember the name of the chatroom, Tequilla Sunrise, and Hot-Tub. I also remember Tweety, GlitterGirl, & Digable. I hope life is treating them well :-). God Bless !!

  • Sweetheart5

    Ahhhhh-back to memory lane!!!!!!! Blast from the Past :-).
    I used to be Sweetheart5! I remember my ever sweet chat buddies; Juanster, Kate310, Amy70 :-). All four of us used to hang out at Fuzz something; do not remember the name of the chatroom, Tequilla Sunrise, and Hot-Tub. I also remember Tweety, GlitterGirl, & Digable. I hope life is treating them well :-). God Bless !!

  • F00SER

    I was the f00ser and I had a cool baghead icon…dang I miss that loved the crypt damn i’m old now! For sure~

  • Jmitchell

    Ahh the Globe :)…..Just been speaking about it with themissus…just discovered we were on it at the same time andnever knew (she Danish, me British) weird!……OH and Hi Redd62 (Roofy)….it’s Cabb_s by the way (icon of Mutley)….how I miss the Hot Tub and 20somethings.

  • Jessica

    TheGlobe.com!  Great memories!  I mostly visited The Crypt from what I remember.  I think my screen name was ‘Blondie911’ or something along those lines.  Oh, to be young again!!  

  • Jill

    What’s up guys it skiler. ….Lol destabunny….we wrest the shit back in the day….many moons ago….3kids later here i am…sleepless night email me Jill@wrappedupnu.com

  • Zilleonti

    I used to hand out in the Red Room back in what? 95, 96? Gawd, I can’t even remember my screenname on it, but I think my wife does… I met her on theglobe.com

  • Crazed

    WOW-  I miss y’all :-) I was just telling a coworker today about how awesome chatting (The Crypt, in particular) used to be… *memorrrieeesss…not all good, but mostly good*

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=19512348 Khelly Moore

    holy shit i used to be in the crypt all the time when i was like 12 or so lol. i used to think destephenes was the fucking man. i kept in touch with a few other crypters for a couple years afterwards but lost touch. forgot what my name used to be on there though.. probably lavos

  • Trissy

    Wow!  I used to chat in 20-something, Hot Tub and Tequila Sunrise.  I was TrissyPriss/Gapaholic.  I still keep in touch with several people.  I miss those days.  The internet kind of sucks now, in comparison.

  • Synaptic_Surge

    Bump for this thread for all you old Crypters. 15 years later and still remember the fun times. For those of you who remember Synap/Synaptic_Surge and RAINN, you can connect on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/michael.dalgleish.946

  • http://www.darkapocalypse.net Edwin Perello

    Is this Amanda?

  • KingMidnight

    So, THIS is where you guys went.. been looking for you.. nah; Just kidding.. hmm.. just randomly stumbled across this; I loved hanging at the globe.. I think I was mostly in “the circus”

  • Obladibla

    Just started thinking about this place! I think I went by HeartbreakKid or something. Man, I loved that place.

    Couldn’t someone brilliant bring it back?

    Are there any screenshots from how the site looked? Nostalgia running wild!

  • http://About.me/MelanieBrown Melanie Brown

    Lubiloo???? From the UK? Didn’t we meet in person that one trip I made to London oh, nearly 2 decades ago. It’s TAZCAT!! I used to hang out in Fusion and Plasma with Pehi and NewDay.

  • http://About.me/MelanieBrown Melanie Brown

    Wow, I wish I had found this thread sooner! I spent about 5 years at The Globe, mostly in Atomic. Went by the screen name TazCat. For 20 years now, that’s been my online name in some shape or form. If anyone still reads this, I can be reached at tazcat2k at yahoo. Really wondering what ever happened to my old friends, Speedbuggy, Mansongrl, NateDog, Graywolf, NewDay, Pehi, Zaphod…some who’s screen names I don’t remember, like Erwin…drop a line and tell me who you were!