What happened to theGlobe.com?

Yesterday, I just remembered theGlobe.com, the place where I actually ventured into creating my first website and web presence.

I don’t know what reminded me of it, but I just was curious to know what they’ve done with themselves now.

theGlobe.com was one of the first big free email, free hosting, free chat, free everything portals that the internet became full of back in the days.
All I ever used was their free hosting, but they had a bunch of other interesting services too, or so they thought.
I remember my username was mmmmusic there. Ok it sucks, I know, but back then it seemed like a good name for a website by me “MMM” about Music.
Anyway, as always, I start with one thought and end up with another, so in the end I started my Tina Arena website there instead of making it a general music site, and I created a little website about Tunisia.
So effectively, the name sucked even more because it had nothing to do with the content.

Anyway, I was later lured to tripod and I never used theGlobe again. Only for occasionally hosting an mp3 or video file for my website.

Through the years I watched from a distance as theGlobe changed and mutated from form to form trying to find some logic and some way to make money out of offering free services.
When will they ever learn?

It seems as though they’re still at it.
Their latest reincarnation is called voiceglo which offers a free p2p internet telephony service.
Seems like an interesting service, but I just have this feeling that the cycle of reincanations is still far from over at theGlobe.

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