Watch what you blog!

People in black trench coats might soon be chasing blogs as US intelligence agencies start to monitor them.

Some blogs are whimsical and deal with “soft” subjects. Others, though, are cutting edge in delivering information and opinion.

As a result, some analysts say U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials might be starting to track blogs for important bits of information. This interest is a sign of how far Web media such as blogs have come in reshaping the data-collection habits of intelligence professionals and others, even with the knowledge that the accuracy of what’s reported in some blogs is questionable.

Still, a panel of folks who work in the U.S. intelligence field – some of them spies or former spies – discussed this month at a conference in Washington the idea of tracking blogs.


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2 thoughts on “Watch what you blog!”

  1. **rolls eyes** Great… The information they may find on the web may be as credible as the “intelligence” found concerning Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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