The Best of Star Academy on LBC

Today LBC aired a special called “The Best of Star Academy” in which they presented the best moments of the recently finished Arab Star Academy.

As I mentioned before, I only got to watch the last prime, and actually thought that Bashar deserved to win.

Anyway, after watching the best moments from the past primes and some other off-prime moments with the candidates, I actually think that either Ahmad (the Tunisian) or Bashar (the Kuwaiti) should have won.
They both have the best voices of all, even though Bashar is more active and more present on stage.

Anyway, I can also see why people liked Mohamed Attiah, the winner of Star Academy LBC, he seems like a really nice and funny guy.

What I find the most interesting from this whole Star Academy experience is how much people got addicted to it and how it became some sort of cult.
It’s one of the first attempts at reality tv by Arabs and it somehow revolutionized prime tv.

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