Ready to kill Americans!

BAGHDAD, Iraq, April 10 – Moneer Munthir is ready to kill Americans.

For months, he has been struggling to control an explosion of miserable feelings: humiliation, fear, anger, depression.

“But in the last two weeks, these feelings blow up inside me,” said Mr. Munthir, a 35-year-old laborer. “The Americans are attacking Shiite and Sunni at the same time. They have crossed a line. I had to get a gun.”

“To be honest, we weren’t like this before,” he said of his friends and him. “But we’re religious people, and our leader has been threatened. We would be ashamed to stay in our houses with our wives at a time like this.”

This is just an example of how Anti-US outrage is uniting a growing Iraqi resistance.

[More: NY Times]
[Via: Current Affairs]

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