New Iraqi Flag

New Iraq Flag

Iraq’s U.S.-picked leaders approved a new flag for the country…

The new flag includes two blue horizontal stripes signifying the two rivers Tigris and Euphrates. A yellow stripe between the two blue ones symbolizes the Kurdish region in northern Iraq. Above the three stripes is a white background with a blue crescent, an Islamic symbol.

But the overhaul of a national symbol raised some complaints — particularly since it came from U.S.-appointed leaders. U.S. administrators previously tried to alter the Saddam-era flag by dropping the words “Allahu akbar” — “God is great” — but Iraqis refused to abide by the change.

The new design not only abandons the symbols of Saddam’s regime. It also avoids the colors used in other Arab flags: green and black for Islam and red for Arab nationalism. The change recalls the U.S. agenda of creating a “New Iraq” that is exceptional in the Arab world.

In Arabic nations, the colors of flags have widely recognized meanings.
Green, white and black denote Islam ? harkening back to the battle banners of the medieval Islamic dynasties of the Fatimids, Ummayads and Abbasids. Green is said to have been the prophet Muhammad’s favorite color;

The only country in the Middle East with blue stripes in its flag is Israel, which has a Star of David on a field of white between horizontal blue bands.

This really sucks!
I’m totally with the Iraqi people who are asking that the flag not be changed until an elected government takes over.
Who are these people to change the flag?
They have no right to!
What they’re doing is disgraceful.
Why don’t they just change the name of the country to Israel 2 while they’re at it!

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9 thoughts on “New Iraqi Flag”

  1. New iraqi flag = US/british neo colonialism

    this new iraqi flag is disgraceful to the iraqi people, it speaks loud and clear: Iraq shall be an US/British colony. It is a soulless creation of western corporate design type thinking, not a flag for a people who should be represented by their ancient symbols. The current iraqi flag does not, never has and never will represent saddam hussein, contrary to some westerners who know nothing about the subject of heraldry and vexillology. The current iraqi flag is similar to other arab flags which are in the colors of black white red and green (the pan- arab colors) and has been in use in various forms long before the name saddam hussein was ever associated with the iraqi government. The arab population should be given the country of iraq, along with its traditional pan-arab flag, and the kurdish regions and population should be independent completely, who already have their own flag. Of course the point of this war is not to “free the iraqis” but to continue the long tradition of western colonialism in new forms. Independence is never what the british /US governments and their illuminati masters wanted for the region, but to further the conquest of the middle east to further the global government agenda of the illuminati.

  2. I totally agree with you, even though I don’t think there is a definite need to have an independent Kurdish state.
    I think they can and should play a role in Iraq as a whole.

  3. “this new iraqi flag is disgraceful to the iraqi people, it speaks loud and clear: Iraq shall be an US/British colony” – more like an Israeli colony by proxy when the white and blue stripes are considered! But that was the whole idea for the American likudniks behind the war.

    I’d go for the 1959 flag: proper colours for an Arab flag, no dodgy Ba’athist symbolism, and even a sun to represent the Kurds.

  4. They may as well place a american flag in the corner like the british use to do when they claimed land for themselfs!

    “Actually, this is the flag that was chosen by the Provisional Authority” that’s laughable, they had a bunch of iraqi’s who lived in america and england for the last 30 years to come back and make the flag.

  5. hi i just wanted to say the iraqi flag that u have up is not up dated so i just wanted to let u know that the new one is red white and black with 3 green stars and the words allahu akbar in green than you very much

  6. Well I guess the old Iraqi flag (the genuine one) withstood the test of time, I’m back writing this 2 years from my first post, and this blue flag hasn’t been used as of yet. I did read however that the current Iraqi flag uses Khufic writing with the words “allahu akhbar” because the old writing was supposedly saddam hussein’s handwriting, although other online sites disputed this, however did not provide any info on why the script was changed to khufi. I’m assuming it’s because khuf is an ancient city in Iraq where this style of writing evolved. As a personal observation I seemed to notice that a lot of shiite groups like to use khufic writing, look at the Hizballah flag as well as that of the islamic republic of Iran (the fringes of the red and green stripes have “allahu akhbar” in a form based on khufic repeated a certain number of times (I can’t remember how many, but I think it has to do with the Koran)

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