Marriage & Genetics

Something that has crossed my mind often ever since I got married is how much the laws of genetics can apply to marriage.

Being a science wiz at school, I was very interested in genetics, in fact I even wanted to study genetics in university, but didn’t. I ended up doing computer science instead, now that’s close.

Anyway back to marriage.
What I’ve observed from my personal experience and those of others around me is the following.

Before marriage each person has their own unique character, their own set of goods and bads about them, their own way of living.
After marriage, things start changing, and both sides start passing certain features to their partner while picking some other ones from them.
And here the laws of genetics kick in, the strongest features from either of the partners are the ones that come through and rule the couple.

Not only that, but from taking a snapshot of the couple after a given time, you might also be able to determine what their children will be like; after all the same laws will probably apply to them too.

For example, my wife was always a very active person, always running around doing something and keeping busy. As for me, well I’d like to think I’m active enough, but the truth is that I’m one of the laziest people on earth.
Result ? Well you can say we’re one of the laziest couples I know of 😛
And I don’t expect my children to be any better 😛

Of course, this doesn’t hold for all couples nor for all features.
But I guess what does follow these laws determines how much chemistry there is inside the couple.
After all, any couple needs certain points of difference to have a healthy fight about every now and then 😉

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