Le Quotidien & Al Chourouk Online

The Tunisian “Le Quotidien” and “Al Chourouk” newspapers have gone online today at exactly 10:30AM local time.
Their online addresses are: http://www.lequotidien-tn.com/ & http://www.alchourouk.com/.

I think it’s great that more and more Tunisian newspapers are making the jump towards providing their content online.
I think that providing information online really helps build a bigger internet culture in Tunisia where people get used to going online to do more and more.
I hope more newspapers follow, and that other types of content providers and service providers take the internet leap too.

Back to the Le Quotidien & Al Chourouk websites.
First of all, it’s great the editor was able to release two websites in the same day without any problems. Bravo.

Anyway, the designs are really basic and dry for my taste. Plus they remind me of the Tunis Hebdo website design.
But then again, being newspaper sites, keeping it simple is rather acceptable for most people. The most important is the content.

Regarding the content; they seem to visually display all stories as if they have the same priority and importance which I think shouldn’t be the case.
There should be some way to visually distinguish between news stories based on certain criteria.
Another thing is that I think the sizes of the pictures used should be uniform. It’s friendlier to the eye and better looking that way.

I also don’t see any need to open news stories in popups, they should simply open in the same window. Popups are annoying and unfriendly.

Otherwise, I think this is a pretty good first effort, and I hope my opinions are regarded as constructive criticism.
I wish them the best of luck with their sites.

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