International Book Fair

The International Book Fair is being held in the Kram Fair these days.
We went there yesterday, but as it was late, we only got to see part of it. So we went back today to check out the rest.

Publishers from many countries were present at the fair, but the most were from Lebanon, Egypt, Syria and Tunisia.

I love the book fair, and I never miss it. It’s just great to be between all of those books.
It always amazes me when I think how much knowledge there is in the world. And it makes me happy to see that there a lot of people who still read books and enjoy them.

We spent over 100 Dinars at the fair. A fact I only realized when I got in the car when we were going home. I guess we just got a bit carried away 😛

From what we say, we felt that most people were buying books about religion, novels and kids books.
Not much people were crowding the stands selling books about politics, unlike last year.

What I found funny though is how some people were buying these books that come in a number of volumes, and I’m talking minimum 10 volumes, when I could swear they’d never read them and that they’re just buying them because they’d look good in their librairies 😛

As for me, I bought 3 books about Islam (2 about Islamic teachings, ideals and laws and 1 which provides explanations for the Quran and it’s verses).
I also bought a novel by George Orwell called Nineteen Eighty-Four, which is a view by the writer of a future in which we’re all being watched over by Big Brother. That reminded me a lot of where we’re going today.
I loved George Orwell’s style ever since I read Animal Farm in school, and I’m sure this will be a great read.

I also bought 2 DVDs: The Two Towers and The Usual Suspects (Collector’s Edition). 2 great movies I’ve been dying to get on DVD.

We also bought Kalila & Dimna, a great book I actually have but can’t find. This book was originally written in Indian, translated to Persian and then translated to Arabic. It has a number of short stories using animals as it’s characters but that actually talks about politics, power, greed and other concepts from the real human world.

Another great book I used to have and lost that we bought today is The Book of Misers. This is a really funny book consisting of short stories about people who are anything but generous.

An interesting book my wife bought is called Genetic Engineering in the Quran. I can’t wait to read it too.

It pisses me off that I can’t find as much English books as I wish though. Even the Canadian and American stands had French books only 🙁
I only found some novels at some Tunisian publisher’s stands.
I understand why, but still it pisses me off 😛

I wish I could go back again and buy more books, but I’m going to do my best not to, because If I do, my finances will have a hard time.

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  1. Hi 🙂

    Thanks a lot 🙂
    That’s so sweet of you…
    But really there’s no need to, the thought is really enough for me 🙂

    Plus, I don’t think you guys in Middle Earth share the same DVD zone we normal people in Africa & Europe do. We’re Zone 2 people.

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