Yahoo! oops I mean Yippee or whatever other expression of joy 😛 Maybe even Gooooooooogle 😛

I finally got myself a GMail account.

It turns out my wife who uses blogger for her blog has been getting this message inviting her to join GMail for a couple of days whenever she logs in to her blogger account. Anyway as she’s not really interested she just ignored it.
She just told me about it a few minutes ago, and well I jumped on the occasion and created an email account there.
My email address is: meddah[AT]

I still need some time to discover and try all the features it has that I’ve read about here and there on the net, but it looks cool and I like it’s speed (not necessarily in page loading, but in the whole experience) and the fact that we don’t have to go to the server and back upon every click.

GMail lets you use search to find emails you want, so it drops the concept of folders and classification of emails that other providers have.
Maybe the most important and cool feature of GMail is the discussion based approach to email, in which emails are grouped by discussions and a discussion is pushed up in your inbox when you get a new email in it. It changes the way you look at and use email. I think it’ll be great.

I’m also redirecting an email account I have that receives 99.9% SPAM emails and only 0.1% good emails to it to test it’s anti-spam capabilities 😛

I will most probably write about GMail again soon when I test it more to give my opinion and share what I think of it.

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