Full Stop ! New Beginning !

This morning I woke up a changed man.
I looked at my life and just realized that this is not what I want, it’s not what I’m here for, It’s not what I want to do, It’s not how I want to be.

And so I’m quitting everything, and I mean everything.
I’ve already started making arrangements for my new life.

I’m going to leave everything that’s in my life now behind me, change my name, my religion, my nationality, my everything.

I’m going to change my name into Sikotai, become a buddhist and go to Tibet for a year of meditation to find my inner self and reach peace with my surroundings.
After that I’ll be off to the small Phi Phi Island in Thailand, where I’ll open a little shop where I’ll make natural remedies and potions.

Every once in a while I’ll go to nearby Phuket for half a day to sell my potions to some dealers there and to visit the big buddhist temples.

Yep, that’s what I want to do.
And I’ve started my way to true enlightment.

PS: This should also be the last blog I’ll be posting here.

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