Damn! I’m MAD!!!

Man, am I mad right now!

This truly sucks big time!

I wake up this morning, already feeling like shit because I didn’t get enough sleep, and what do I find?
I find that during the night, my car was opened and stolen from!
My original music cds, my jacket, my wife’s jacket and the extra tire, all stolen by some bastard(s)!

I hate this!
People keep telling me that thankfully it wasn’t such a big thing that was stolen and that other people had it worse, but I don’t care what happened with other people right now, all I care about and know is that my shit was stolen.
Stuff that I worked hard to get and that some bastard off the street stole from me so easily!

Plus, out of nowhere now I’m faced with expenses to buy a new extra tire, wire the car with a security alarm and more.

Anyone else dare to tell me that it’s ok and I’ll screw his head off his body!

Where the hell were the damn security people who are supposed to be guarding the place?!
That just beats me!
Probably in their little room jacking off to some gay porn while thieves go around stealing people’s cars and houses.

Oh God, am I mad right now!

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