Clear Play

A new technology called Clear Play for DVD Players will enable people to play any movie they desire without any worries about censoring any undesired scenes involving sex or violence, drugs, drinking or even bad language.

It costs 70 US Dollars and skips all undesired scenes and mutes undesired savage language.

How nice…
This is an indirect way of turning new hollywood movies into old style silent short films.
Come on, I mean with all the sex, violence and bad language in today’s movies, basically nothing would be left if all that were cut out?!

But what’s interesting is how this will work from a technological point of view.
How will these players recognize these scenes and the language in them?
I don’t believe a player can actually do it efficiently on it’s own. Children will still get a few lifetime shocks every now and then.

I think that for something like this to truly work, DVDs should provide help by using some way of marking the scenes that should be cut out or the language that should be silenced.
This can be as easy as throwing an xml file on the DVD with the scene start and end time marked, and whether it should be skipped or silenced.

Anyway, I’m interested in knowing how they’re doing it.
If anyone has any idea, please share.

[Via AquaCool]

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