Amr Khaled

I’ve heard a lot about the Islamic preacher Amr Khaled over the past couple of years. And I’ve known or seen a lot of people who were really touched by him. From women who have started praying and wearing the Hijab (Muslim Head Scarf) to men who have started praying and stopped their bad habits.

Even though I heard a lot of talk about him and about what he has to say and how he says it, I never really got to catch him on TV and see the show he hosts on the Iqraa channel. Not until this past week.

The first thing that struck me was how nice the guy is and how smoothly he talks. He’s nothing like other preachers who frighten people and tell them that this or that is the right thing to do or else God will punish them. In fact what he does is the complete opposite, he talks to people in a very friendly manner and explains everything in detail; showing the good sides of things and making it more a matter of the people wanting to do certain things than having to do them.

The show I saw him in is called “Life Makers”, in which he talks about Islamic values and principles, how they can help in life, their benefits, goals and reasons behind them.

I truly enjoyed the couple of episodes I saw because I like the way he presents things and the fact that he really knows what he’s talking about inside out.

Another thing I like is that he presents Islam as it truly is, a religion of peace, high values and strong principles.
He’s no radical or fundamentalist, he’s extremely moderate and what every muslim should naturally be.

For anyone who’s interested, the show is aired on Iqraa channel, both on Hotbird and on Nilesat.
Iqraa on Nilesat also provide English subtitles.

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